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Jason Hilliard

Jason Hilliard is Director, Technology / Social Media , Consultant, and a licensed REALTOR® at Competitive Edge Realty. He gained information technology experience and training as a Security Specialist at a large IT services company based in Plano, TX. Jason began his career in real estate as a property manager for a small business in 2012. In addition to managing rental properties, he performed in depth property title research and managed complete remodels for resale. He had additional experience in real estate as President of JBird Properties, LP. Jason also gained marketing experience handling advertising through both websites and social media. Jason has an extensive background in the development and implementation of on-line tools and resources.


Born and raised in the Dallas area, Jason has extensive Texas ancestry. Some of his hobbies include music and poker but his true passion is for his family. You can usually find Jason surrounded by his wife, daughter, step-daughter, step-son, son, and his dog “Bo”.

Darci LaBonte 2 Dallas Fort Worth

Darci LaBonte

Real Estate has become a big part of my life over the past few years. Helping others to achieve their dreams and find their new home is a feeling like no other. As a licensed agent in Texas and Oregon I can say that that feeling is universal. Everyone should have the experience of 'coming home'.

Donna Camp Dallas Fort Worth

Donna Camp

I was born in North Texas. I have been a customer service/team lead in corporate America for over 32 years. Helping people is my passion. With my vast experience in customer service I am a leader and know how to take charge to get the task at hand accomplished. Being and representing the best you is important and I will work to be able to put your best foot forward as a buyer or seller. I became a REALTOR to continue my passion in customer service and find you a home to live and raise your family. Faith, Family, Real Estate (in that order) Sold

Terri Tranter 2 Dallas Fort Worth

Terri Tranter

Hello! My name is Terri Tranter, and I am here to assist you in all your Residential Real Estate needs. My background in Real Estate, accounting, transportation management, customer service management, and product photography and advertising puts me in the perfect position to help guide you in all aspects of the home buying and selling processes. In addition to helping my clients achieve their Real Estate goals, I am also passionate about my Residential Redevelopment company allowing me to pursue my passion full time. I have experience in repair costs, value, systems, and processes. I am a Military Veteran and a member of the Patriot Guard Riders who stand in Honor of our fallen Hero's after escorting them on motorcycles to their final resting place. You can feel safe with me in your corner handling one of the most important purchases/sales of your lifetime, and it would be a privilege to assist you. "Let's Get You Home!"

Tiffaney Osteen Dallas Fort Worth

Tiffaney Osteen

My name is Tiffaney Osteen and I am a REALTOR® with Competitive Edge Realty. I love what I do! I get to help people figure out how to love where they live so they can focus on living. It is so important to me that my clients are happy at the end when they buy or sell their homes. I would be thrilled to assist you in your real estate journey. Contact me today so that we can get started!

Ilana Cantu 2 Dallas Fort Worth

Ilana Cantu

Bedford and DFW are great places to live and work, which is why I choose to call it home. Having thirteen years in serving physicians as a medical assistant, people are my passion. Native to El Paso Texas I am bilingual in Spanish and English. My family has strong military roots therefore I love working with all flourishing families in uniform. Walking in integrity to meet your real estate needs is my goal. As a proud member of Competitive Edge Realty, I am ready, able to and will help you alongside with your home buying and selling needs.

As your transaction coordinator I'm dedicated to assisting you. Teamwork for all of our CER flourishing businesses is the beauty of making our dream work.

Amruta Hakkapakki Tyler

Amruta Hakkapakki

Amruta Hakkapakki is devoted wife and mother of twins and has lived in Tyler Tx for over 12 yrs, Holds a bachelors in Business from UT Tyler. I have enjoyed raising my children here in Tyler Tx. The growth here is explosive and is really an exciting time for Smith county its a great place to bring our children up with great schools and a wonderful sense of community. I'm honored to be able to help people find and sell their homes.



Payal Mehta

About me:
• Dallas resident since 2009
• Bachelors in arts (psychology & computer applications)
• Background in a 90+ year-old family publishing business
• Passionate & dedicated
• Intimate knowledge of Dallas neighborhoods
• Specializing in buying, selling, leasing, and investor relations
• Love helping people!
Value-adding factors:
• Fierce advocate
• Pricing strategies expert
• Skilled negotiator
• Marketing guru
• Network savvy
• Expert in designing marketing materials
• Access to a strong real estate network
• Exceptional service & communication skills
• Resourceful for property selling/improvements
Transaction coordinator (TC):
1. Efficient:
• Streamlines the real estate process, meeting paperwork and deadlines promptly.
2. Organized:
• Maintains meticulous records, schedules, and documents, minimizing errors.
3. Stress reducer:
• Manages administrative tasks, enabling realtors to focus on clients.
4. Communication:
• Ensures clear communication among all parties for a smooth transaction.
5. Compliance:
• Ensures adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, minimizing issues.
• Gardening, art, vegan cooking
• Exploring new restaurants
• Coffee enthusiast
• Cultural exploration through travel
• Compassionate vegan lifestyle
• Lifelong learning and knowledge expansion


Rackel Patel Dallas Fort Worth

Rackel Patel

I've been in real estate for the past 17 years and have thoroughly each year even more in real estate! My real estate journey first began as an investor, then as a Texas realtor. As a former financial analyst, I use my analytical approach with my agents to ensure they fully understand each step of the purchasing and listing process.
Communicating early ensures my clients are kept up-to-date throughout the entire home buying and selling process. My expertise and unwavering dedication to research around current market conditions allow me to be an informed sounding board for my agents. My proven strengths include being a self-starter, the ability to work well under pressure, and having excellent time management skills. I thrive when building successful working relationships with my real estate agents, lenders, escrow companies, and other vendors. I am a team player, hardworking, and driven to ensure the success of the realtors at Competitive Edge Realty!
Looking forward to working with you as your Transaction Coordinator!